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Turnitin 學生版重要公告 : 

申請帳號注意事項 Important Notice for Account Application:

  • Turnitin個人帳號僅限本校在校師生使用並限以@ulive.pccu.edu.tw之信箱申請。
請注意 : @g.pccu.edu.tw 信箱將自 2022.07.02 起停止服務


  • Applications are only for Chinese Culture University faculty and students. Your registering email address must with the domain name@ulive.pccu.edu.tw.
please note : @g.pccu.edu.tw will no longer available from 2022.07.02


  • 審核通過後系統將以E-mail寄發啟用信件,審核期約1~3天。
  • You will receive a confirmation email in 1 to 3 days after your application. 

  校本部    112學年度全校學生通用作業帳密申請 
student application for 112 academic year ( main campus )
申請帳號問題請聯絡 peugeot@ulive.pccu.edu.tw 或撥打校內分機 14206 洽詢。
any further questions about application

please contact peugeot@ulive.pccu.edu.tw or dial #14206.

  推廣部    112學年度全校學生通用作業帳密申請表單
student application for 112 academic year ( downtown campus )
推廣部帳號申請問題請聯絡 hmh@ulive.pccu.edu.tw
或數位學習中心(校內分機) 8463 洽詢。
any further questions about application

please contact hmh@ulive.pccu.edu.tw or dial #8463.

  校本部    校本部教師申請帳號 / faculty application ( main campus )

  推廣部    推廣部教師 / faculty application ( downtown campus ) 

※ 申請帳號及開始使用前請詳閱使用手冊

※ Please read the following information carefully before using Turnitin.





User Manual  for Faculty (html)

User Manual  for Student (html)

User Manual  for Student (PDF new)

Recording of Online Training (May 2024)

Student Tutorial ( 10 footage )

教師版與學生版有何差異 : 


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Turnitin 使用相關問題請洽智泉公司服務信箱 service@igrouptaiwan.com 
或撥打 02-2571-3369 #202 #207 洽詢。
If you have any further questions, please contact Igroup servive service@igrouptaiwan.com or dial 02-2571-3369 #202  #207.